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5 things you should know about Salman

1. Salman speaks Japanese.

Salman and I both study Economics at The University of Nottingham, but it was only until we attended the same Japanese lessons that we got to know each other.

2. Salman is fun, friendly, and kind.

Salman is the kind of person who would offer his notes to you if you’ve missed lectures, and will treat you to ice cream if you’re feeling down. He is everyone’s friend and you’ll never feel bored when he’s around!

3. Salman loves singing.

I’ve not heard him sing yet, but I know this fact for sure as he’d mentioned it himself to our class.

4. Salman’s favourite colour is blue.

It’s my guess! During our photo session, he wore a blue shirt, blue coat – and he brought along a blue cardigan and blazer! I think blue looks great on him anyway, so good choice there.

5. Salman is currently running for a position in Nottingham Economics & Finance Society as your Social Sec.

“There’s plenty of fish in the sea… but Salman is your one!”

Haha! Get voting for this good guy!