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My Photography Workshop experience : VIP Session with Jasmine Star at World Photo Fest 2013

The World Photo Fest 2013 was held in Hard Rock Hotel from the 26th to 28th April. During this event, I have learnt a lot from local and international photography stars. Patrick Low and Sean Liew opened my eyes to light painting. Gerry Fox, a Scottish photographer, showed us 2 documentary projects he has been working on, one about the simple life in Sarawak and the other about the homeless people in Kuching. This is followed by a sharing on wedding photography by Nik Pekridis. He is a sought-after photographer from Greece and he shared with us how he was inspired by Yervant of Melbourne. The world is certainly a small place now, as photographers from one part of the world are inspired by photographers from the opposite side of the world. During the Photographer’s Chill Out session in China House, Nik Pekridis shared with us his editing workflow. Jasmine Star, one of the world’s top 10 wedding photographer, shared with us about branding. Not forgetting Lito Sy, an international multi-award winning photographer from the Philippines. He pointed out that asian photographers have come a long way and are now making waves globally. In short, it was such an awesome weekend.

Of all the speakers, I was especially excited to meet Jasmine Star, my idol in photography. When I found out that she was coming to Malaysia, I immediately bought the VIP pass to her session, without even knowing the content of her session. Yes, I admit, I was a little ‘star-struck’. Turns out that her session was about marketing and branding, and that is an area I needed improvement on. I did play around with the idea of starting a website and a blog, but it was her (and my sister) who got me to start one. I remember Jasmine telling me “Jonathan, you have to start a blog” and when I asked about what if I don’t get many assignments, she simply said “Well, you have legs. Get out there and take pictures, and then blog about them”.

So there you have it. www.pixellotphotography.com has finally started. To end her session, she surprised us with a live demo on how she shoots her brides and grooms. She explained what she intended to do before heading outside (to our hot and humid weather) to shoot the couple, and we got to take photos as well. Here are some of mine.


She guided us on selecting suitable locations for the shoot, as well as giving us valuable posing tips.


And she took the live demonstration one notch higher when she demonstrated that it is possible to shoot under the bright sunlight, something which I have always avoided although I am a natural light photographer as well. I felt so lucky to be there, as she was sharing so many useful tips.