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My Photography Workshop Experience with Rosie Hardy

When I was first brought into the world of Flickr (about 4 years ago), I discovered Rosie Hardy and her many inspiring work pieces. She’s a photo-manipulation genius, and she tells great stories through her images. Later, when I found out that Rosie started organising workshops, I told Jon that I really want to learn from her one day. Little did I know, I ended up here in the UK to further my studies at uni. At first, I was still hesitant of whether or not to sign up for Rosie’s photography workshop, but Jon encouraged me and told me to go for it, saying that he would pay for all my expenses (what a brother!).

You can imagine how excited I was. The day started off well – us workshopees had a good chat with each other before heading out to shoot some photos. Note that this workshop was held in February, so the weather was unpleasantly cold. Here are some of my shots throughout the day. Meet our great looking couple, Gabby and Aaron!


We even got onto the tram and back to the city centre, strutting our stuff, woohoo! Imagine 15 photographers surrounding a couple in wedding attires. We looked like paparazzis, really. Lunch was at Pizza Express and we chilled there for a bit, exchanging cameras to see each other’s work. While we were shooting in front of Primark, some people came up to us and asked if this couple were celebrities! Some even took out their phone cameras and started snapping away. It was quite, quite hilarious.


It was a cold, long day but a superb one for me! It was probably the best decision (all credit goes to Jon) to start my wedding photography adventures by attending this workshop, what more by one of my favourite photogs!